From texting to sending email, we use our smartphones for multiple purposes. It’s safe to say that your phone contains almost all your important data and information. Cell Phone Destruction through shredding is important.

Apart from having all your information, your phone is connected to all your personal accounts and has each and every file and email that you have saved or sent. In addition, your dashboard, apps, password, and your call logs are also saved on your phone. And they can all be recovered even if you wipe your phone completely.

Don’t let that hard disk reset option fool you into complacency. All your data can be recovered by anyone, if they’re willing to put in the effort. Hence, it’s mandatory that you shred or destroy your phone after transferring every little bit of data that you have in there before your next purchase.

If you’re willing to dispose of your old phone and upgrade, this is your best option to ensure that someone doesn’t exploit your old
information to their own advantage. Here are a few reasons for cell phone destruction.

Factory Resets aren’t Foolproof

As mentioned above, hard resets aren’t a foolproof plan to delete all your information from your old phone.

As an example of this, a Cambridge University team carried out an experiment to review the policies and procedures of different carriers and devices and found that 80% of the time, they were able to recover a master token, which could be used by a hacker to access emails, cloud storage access and contacts and calendars.

SIMs are Repositories of Information

Removing the SIM card from the device doesn’t wipe away all the information about your carrier service from the device.

Unfortunately for cell phones, internal components save a lot of information and can’t be removed from the phone without a dedicated toolkit.

There are a lot of components that you’ll have to contend with if you’re trying to remove all your information. So it’s better just to shred the phone.

Less Information is Enough

Today’s world has linked so much information together that you need one password, one key, one PIN or even one answer to a security question to get what you want.

That is why it’s imperative to delete everything you have on your phone not just digitally, but also physically if you want to keep your identity safe. Hence, phone shredding is the best option to protect your personal information.

A Hammer is Not Enough

Cell phone destruction is not just about dismantling the phone or breaking it, it’s about obliterating it from the face of the Earth. Most people can recover information from a broken phone, a shattered hard drive or a broken SIM card, but they can’t recover anything from a pile of shredded bits.

Shredding your cell phone will allow you to erase the information completely. In fact, the only thing left will be individual bits and bytes, and at that level, entropy takes over. And until someone learns how to reverse entropy, there’s nothing anybody can do to recover your physical information after it’s shredded.

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