4 Ways a Computer Shredding Company Can Benefit Your Business

While keeping your IT infrastructure up to date is important, equally so is the proper disposal of the replaced hardware. Simply throwing away your old computers and servers is ill-advised because of the associated risk of someone unauthorized getting their hands on them and accessing the stored confidential data. Instead, a better option is to hire a computer shredding company for the purpose. Here we highlight the 4 ways a computer shredding company can benefit your business.    

1. The Data Can Never Be Recovered

Even if you completely format a computer hard drive, the data on it may not actually be deleted but rather simply rendered unreadable. This means that a determined enough criminal could recover it and exploit it for their own ends. Even degaussing the data drive with powerful magnets or submerging it in water isn’t actually effective.

The only sure way to guarantee no one can ever recover your data is through the physical destruction of the hard drive – done by professional hands to ensure not even any intact shard remains to recover any information from.

2. Helps You Avoid Fines

Every security breach can bring with it not just the loss of customers who value their privacy but also hefty fines and legal liabilities. By opting to use a computer shredding company to destroy your old hardware and storage devices, you ensure at least one of the channels of a potential security breach gets completely sealed off.  

3. Saves Time

Trying to destroy your old IT equipment yourself can be a highly time-consuming affair. With time an invaluable commodity, delegating the task to the professionals means you can focus more of it on the day-to-day operations of your business. Not only will a professional service process the hardware faster, but the results would also be far more superior.

4. Helps With Compliance

Every business, no matter its size, needs to ensure its practices are in compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions it operates it. Compliance failure can entail some really severe penalties. Professional computer shredders possess the necessary knowledge of the legal infrastructure in place to ensure the hardware disposal doesn’t risk any data law breach. A certificate of destruction is provided as proof of the hardware disposal.

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