Why Use a Hard Drive Shredding Service?

In today’s age, hard drives are one of the primary means of information storage. However, as with any piece of hardware, older hard drives eventually need to be replaced with newer ones. However, their proper disposal entails that any confidential data stored is rendered inaccessible to any unauthorized person. As you will find out reading this article further, simply formatting the hard drive doesn’t guarantee that the data store cannot be recovered. Here are 4 reasons why you instead use a hard drive shredding service.

1. Guaranteed Destruction of Data

Any data you delete on your hard drive isn’t actually destroyed but rather simply rendered unreadable to the computer. What this means is that the said data still remains in storage until newer data gets saved in its location.

This makes data on intact hard drives easily recoverable by hackers. Even drowning hard drives in water or bringing them near a magnet may not actually do much towards complete data security. Only the complete physical destruction of your hard drive guarantees total protection.   

2. Federal Law Compliance

Hard driving shredding is the best way to ensure that your business remains compliant with the U.S Federal Law regarding privacy protection. You are required to ensure the complete protection of any data that you store of your customers, and breaching this law can land you with a hefty fine or other steep penalties.  

3. Frees Storage Space

Gigabyte per gigabyte, older hard drives will obviously take up for more physical space for less memory. There is no reason to retain legacy hardware well past its intended service life. Simply keeping them locked away in your drawer or some other storage isn’t a wise option either as there is always the risk some unauthorized person may be able to break into it and steal the hard drives and the data within them. Your best option? Correct, it is to order their complete physical destruction.  

4. An Environmentally Friendlier Option

Hard drives make for hazardous electronic waste. They contain many harmful and toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, and beryllium that, if they get released, can heavily contaminate the surrounding environment and potentially endanger human health and safety.

Choosing to dispose of your old hard drives by sending them over to a professional hard drive shredding service is a much more ecologically sound option. After destroying the hard drives, some or all of the raw materials will be sent for recycling.

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