Have any questions regarding our business? Please browse our dedicated FAQ section below to learn more about New Jersey Shredding and our secure shredding and disposal services.

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How Much Does Your Shredding Service Cost?

We firmly believe in providing our customers with no-quality compromise shredding service at the most affordable rates. Pricing starts at $50 for offsite scheduled shredding and $60 for mobile scheduled shredding. To obtain your free quote, you can call us on our number – (201) 371-5900

In Which Cities Does Your Service Operate In?

We operate in most of the major cities and boroughs in the state of New Jersey. This includes the following:

  • Jersey City
  • Paramus
  • Hoboken
  • Newark
  • Atlantic City

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What Kind of Items Do You Shred? 

We are a full-stack shredding service targeted towards professional establishments big or small. We can destroy documents and other paperwork, data storage drives and electronics, medical waste, and x-ray materials. For more details, visit our services section

What Is the Average Time for Receiving an Estimate?  

Upon calling us and providing details of your needs, you can expect to receive a quote within 5 minutes or less.

What Is the Average Turnaround Time for Your Shredding Service?

After an inquiry has been made, you can expect our certified technicians to be at your doorstep within 1-2 working days.

What Happens to the Items Once They Are Destroyed? 

We hold a strong commitment to keeping our country’s environment clean. 100% of the shredded materials are sent over to a recycling partner.   

Can I Watch the Shredding Process? 

Yes, absolutely!

How Do You Bill Customers?

We send over an invoice to our customers either through email or fax (whatever is their preference) and charge them at the time of the service. The sent invoice additionally serves as a Certificate of Destruction.

How Do You Ensure Confidential Items and Documents Are Kept Safe Before Being Shredded?

The security of your confidential information is our number one priority. Before being sent off for destruction, the items are stored in our locked containers. The entire process, from collection to destruction and disposal, is handled by a single service – ours. This helps enhance security, transparency, and accountability.

What Regulations Do You Adhere To?

We are AAA and ISO 9001 Certified Company and adhere to all applicable Federal and State laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Got Any Other Questions?

We are always enthusiastic about engaging with our customers. If you have any other queries on your mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone ((201) 371-5900, email (Sales@NewJerseyShredding.com), or through our online form.