Certified Product Destruction – 3 Top Benefits

In manufacturing, it can never be avoided that some of the created products will suffer defects or other issues. Not all of them can be repaired or up-cycled and thus, have to be disposed of.

However, before you consider sending a truckload of them straight to landfill, think of what consequences it could bear for your brand. Continue reading to learn why you should avoid simply dumping them and what benefits you incur by opting for a certified production destruction service instead.

1. Brand Protection

Often, the end journey for your disposed of products wouldn’t be the landfill but instead the grey market. Particularly if your brand is well-known, other, more unscrupulous businesses could get their hands on these disposed of products and attempt to sell them in your good name, laying harm to your brand image.

Hiring a product destruction service is, therefore, essential to ensure that no one is able to get profit off of your disposed of products at the expense of your own business reputation and profits.

2. Limiting Liability

Sometimes, it is not just your brand image that is at stake if others sell your defective or expired products on the market, but you could be exposing yourself to significant liability risk. Since it is your product being brought, consumers that would be harmed from its use or consumption would ultimately sue you for damages.

In addition, you could also be subject to legal action by the concerned authorities for not taking proper measures in disposing of your defective products. The best way to limit your liability is to have returned and damaged products fully destroyed. To help with auditing, your hired production destruction company will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

3. Disposal Regulation Compliance

If your disposed-of products contain hazardous materials, just throwing them away could land you in trouble with the EPA. Even if they don’t, there are plenty of other regulatory bodies such as the HHS, CPSC, and the FDA that you could potentially have to contend with because your disposal practice wasn’t up to their standards.

Successfully navigating the complex disposal regulation environment yourself can be difficult. Rather, it is better to delegate the task to a professional disposal service who would be better familiar with the waste and recycling rules, regulations, and laws.

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