Dos and Don’ts of Hard Drive Disposal

Disposing of a hard drive is not as easy as you might think. The process is more than just deleting all of your files, transferring data, smashing the hard drive, and tossing it out. You might think that you have destroyed the hard drive, but you never know if the data can still be used against you. Thus, in order to protect your privacy and avoid misuse of data and confidential information, there are a few dos and don’ts that you must follow.

Do Partner With a Reputable Hard Drive Disposal Company

One of the factors that need to be considered for safely disposing of a hard drive is ensuring data security and compliance. Therefore, choosing the right partner company is essential. The company you choose must have NAID AAA Certification, which verifies secure data destruction. You will probably have to do some research and cross-check references before choosing the disposal company.

Don’t Try To Dispose of Hard Drives Yourself

If you attempt to destroy the hard drive yourself, it’s not likely that you’ll be very successful. Even if you completely shatter your hard drive with a hammer and delete all of your files, your hard drive will still be vulnerable to theft. All of the destroyed files are recoverable with advancements in technology and new ways to steal data.

Do Keep Your Hard Drive Safe

Store your hard drive in a secure location before its disposal. The secured facility should be such that it can only be accessed by the authorized personnel. The facility will have its systems in place that will ensure that your old hard drives are protected and cannot be accessed by anyone. You can also keep track of your data through a serial number prior to its destruction.  

Don’t Keep Your Hard Drive at the Office

This can be risky because other people can easily access your hard drive if you leave it at the office, even after deleting the data. Once someone gets access to the drive, they will have all the freedom to search for sensitive information, passwords, and other important data.

Do Get a Certificate After the Destruction of the Hard Drive

The hard drive must be shredded and completely destroyed until they have been rendered useless by the company. You should request the company to issue a NAID certification of destruction in order to have proof that it has been destroyed according to the regulations.

Don’t Skip Out on the Research

The best hard drive destruction services are the ones that provide you with proper documentation and certificates of destruction. They even allow you to watch the hard drive being destroyed. This is because you need proof. Don’t ever just accept someone’s word of mouth for disposal. Instead, do your own research and work with only the best companies for your hard drive destruction needs.

The bottom line is that hard drive disposal is not easy. The best way to ensure proper disposal is by partnering with a certified company that is not only certified but also gives you the necessary documentation and has a good track record and industry reputation.