Laptop Shredding – How It Works and What Is the Cost

Are you going to dispose of your old laptop? A general rule of thumb when disposing of your old devices, including laptops, hard drives, and mobile phones, is to erase all the data, so it does not end up in the wrong hands. However, you can still retrieve your data from a smashed laptop broken into pieces unless you get your laptop shredded by professional laptop shredding services Hoboken.

Therefore, businesses and professionals alike need to hire professional shredding services for laptop shredding. Hoboken, New Jersey, has many service providers who offer laptops and other product destruction to ensure your data privacy.

How Does laptop Shredding Work?

Even if you ensure that you’ve caused enough damage to your laptop for it to function, there’s still a chance that the drives that contain sensitive information can be recovered. Businesses usually store information like software caches and history, passwords, clients, financial, and other confidential information in their laptop’s drives. The hackers know better and can retrieve information even from broken hard drives, resulting in significant losses for your business.

Safe Disposal

If you dispose of your laptop without destroying it completely, it will likely end up in a landfill. Several potential individuals can scavenge your device to sell in the grey market. They can sell any information on it for a certain value if ends are met. From recycling employees to scavengers and truck drivers, anyone can be involved in posing a threat to your business.

By hiring a shredding company to destroy your machine entirely, you avoid the risk of information leaking into the wrong hands. There are also environmental benefits to having your laptop shredded by professionals. Therefore, you can be relieved that your machine will be disposed of safely without adding to global warming.

Shredding Process

The only way to destroy your laptop to make each tiny bit of data inaccessible is to have it shredded. However, surely a paper shredder is not up for the job. Shredding facility providers use heavy machinery to dismantle your laptop and crush it into tiny shards wholly. The outcome is a waste so small that no one can utilize or recover data from it. The process is carried out in a safe environment that contaminates the harmful emissions released while shredding materials.


Not only does laptop shredding keep your data safe, but it also is an eco-friendly way to dispose of machinery. Materials including metals, aluminum, copper, bronze, plastic, and zinc are extracted from the shredded waste and used for synthetic reproduction.

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs between $7 and $20 per drive to have your laptop destructed. Hoboken has various service providers that charge a similar amount. While formatting your drives is easy and free of cost, it still leaves doors open to threats that can haunt your business for good.