8 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Information-Shredding Company

According to an Ipsos study conducted in 2017, approximately 64% of data breaches result from human errors caused either by vendors or employees. This indicates that workers are often unaware and uninformed about the kind of data that needs to be protected and how.

For this reason, it is important to let the experts handle the data-shredding process. However, how do you decide which shredding company is the best for your organization? Considering the following factors will help:

1) Understanding of Security Compliance:

You would want your data-shredding company to have a strong understanding of the laws that govern the specific industry in which your business is operating. A firm knowledge of best practices and security legislation will help the shredding service shield you against potential lawsuits and other consequences and keep your reputation intact.

2) Certification of data-destruction:

It is preferable to go with an information-shredding firm that provides their clients with a certificate showing that they have fulfilled all data-destruction obligations. This certificate will act as evidence of your data-shredding practices.

3) Are onsite/ offsite services available?

Onsite services ensure that you must monitor the data shredding procedure, while offsite services minimize business disruptions. To allow flexibility and benefit from the best of both worlds, make sure that the company you hire provides both onsite and offsite shredding services.

4) Secure shredding equipment:

The shredding company should ensure that none of your documents are left exposed or unprotected before shredding. Find out whether your preferred shredding service provides securely locked containers for storing documents and other material that is to be destroyed.

5) Type of equipment used:

It is essential that your chosen service provider uses the most modern and sophisticated shredding equipment – even if it charges a premium. You might be tempted to go for a more inexpensive shredding firm, but the obsolete and ineffective equipment might leave you vulnerable to greater costs and losses down the road in the form of privacy breach fines.

6) Chain of custody:

The shredding service must have an uninterrupted chain of custody, from data collection right until the point it is destructed. Competent shredding companies ensure that your data is destroyed in a secure place where the screen-specialist is the only person who can access that confidential information.

7) Hiring practices:

You do not want to outsource your shredding to a company employing shady and incapable people. Since these people will be accessing and handling sensitive data, make sure that you dig into the shredding company’s hiring practices and find out whether the workers undergo the requisite background checks and training.

8) Focus on environmental sustainability:

It is preferable if your shredding service recycles the destroyed documents. Not only will this help save trees and positively impact the environment, but it will also enhance your reputation as a business that indulges in environmentally-friendly practices.

To conclude, the factors mentioned above will help you make a more informed decision about your data-shredding service and make sure that you do not leave any boxes unticked when it comes to something as crucial as protecting data.