Common Paper Shredding Myths

Though paper shredding has successfully decreased privacy breach incidents over the years, many companies still don’t consider shredding services as highly essential. As a result, the chances of them being exploited by identity thieves increase. Some common myths about paper shredding can compromise a company’s vital information.

Many organizations often believe these myths, making them reluctant to shred confidential documents. As a result, they end up paying a considerable price.

Let’s expose the most common myths about paper shredding that companies need to stop believing.

5 Common Paper Shredding Myths

Here are some common myths about paper shredding:

Myth #1: It’s Better to Store Data than To Shred it

Though organizations need to keep certain documents for an extended period, it’s not always a good idea to hoard every single document. It can create legal and financial problems for your business. That said, shredding unwanted documents mitigates the privacy risk as well as ensures compliance.

Contact a professional shredding service to eradicate them when you no longer need certain documents.

Myth #2 No One Checks the Trash

Many organizations make the mistake of dumping their important documents in the trash. They are unaware that identity thieves even check the trash for information so they can use it for nefarious purposes. Even a receipt or related document can be a handy source for thieves to exploit your business.

To avoid throwing documents in the trash, hire a reputed paper shredding company.

Myth #3: Using a Shredder Doesn’t Cost Much

Buying a shredding device for the office might be a cheap option. However, if you consider all the costs involved, it turns out to be much more expensive than what you expected. A shredder also requires replacement and maintenance on a regular basis to stay in working order.

In addition to that, an office shredder takes hours to shred a few documents. On the other hand, shredding companies use high-profile shredders to do the same in a few minutes. Also, mobile shredding service providers don’t charge much.

Myth #4: Shredding Services are not Secure

Organizations that don’t pay attention to internal privacy risks pay a huge price. Every year, a myriad of documents get stolen by disloyal and dishonest employees. This is where shredding services come into play.

Organizations must partner with trusted and reputed shredding companies that perform screening tests before hiring an employee. These tests include drug testing, verifying employment history, and checking for criminal background. Reputed shredding companies also bond their employees with a client confidentiality agreement.

Myth #5: Having a Shredder Makes Organization Compliant

Many enterprises believe using an office shredder makes their business compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). However, that’s not the case, and even routine shredding doesn’t guarantee compliance.

To make your business compliant with HIPPA and avoid paying hefty fines, it’s better to hire a reputed shredding company.

Final Word

While shredding is one of the most effective ways to prevent security breaches, there are some common myths about it. Organizations that believe these myths hesitate to shred their important documents. This negligence haunts them later by creating significant financial and legal problems. That’s why businesses need to shred papers using a professional shredding company.