Benefits of On-Site Shredding

Over the past few years, it has become common for businesses to hire on-site shredding service providers to destroy their confidential documents in front of them. That said, many organizations prefer to shred their sensitive pieces of information on their own premises instead of sending them to the shredding company’s facility.

Apart from increasing the security and safety of your client and company’s information, on-site shredding has many benefits, from ensuring peace of mind to saving employees’ time. This blog post will discuss why on-site shredding is a go-to choice for many people.

5 Benefits of On-Site Shredding

Here are five advantages of on-site shredding:

1. Boosts Security

It won’t be wrong to call on-site shredding the most secure method of destroying confidential, sensitive data. Hiring on-site shredding services guarantees that fewer people will come into contact with your confidential data.

Another benefit of on-site shredding is that it allows your clients to observe the entire shredding process. This will add an extra layer of security – if you miss something, the client will observe and pick it up.

2. Saves Time and Money

It’s no secret that shredding documents yourself or asking an employee to do it can take up a significant amount of time. Moreover, this can waste valuable time that your employees can use for productive business-related activities of your company.

This also increases the chances of error since the staff is not adequately trained to securely shred sensitive documents. In addition to that, buying an office shredder will cost more than hiring an on-site shredding company. Also, you will have to spend a significant amount of money on shredder maintenance regularly.

3. Offers Convenience

Another benefit of hiring an on-site shredding service provider is that you can set a scheduled time for the visits of your chosen shredding company. For instance, you can choose from one of the options: weekly or monthly.

On top of that, on-site paper shredding service provides businesses with various benefits, including:

  • Sacks
  • Secure wheelie bins for the days in between shredding
  • Lockable containers

4. Ensures Peace of Mind

When you partner with an off-site shredding service provider, you’re constantly worried about who is dealing with your confidential documents. On the other hand, on-site shredding ensures peace of mind since the entire destruction process is carried out at your facility.

This allows you to observe the entire destruction process and correct if you see any human error. Also, on-site shredding provides you with a Certificate of Destruction right after completing the process.

5. Supports Environment

An on-site shredding service provider properly recycles all the documents that they destroy. Once the shredded paper is securely recycled, it is used to make other products. This also allows you to make a significant contribution to improving the environment.

Final Words

There are many benefits of on-site shredding, from saving time and money to supporting the environment. And no wonder many businesses prefer on-site shredding because it allows them to observe the entire destruction process right in front of their eyes, giving them peace of mind.