Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Paper Shredding Service

How are you sure that your confidential information is in safe hands? With the new laws instated for discarding documents, the idea of shredding at your house is thrown out of the window. Now you need to hire an officially compliant paper shredding service to discard all personal and high-security documents. In return, you get a certification to dispose of the paper responsibly and must be shown to the authorities.

However, with so many paper shredding companies, it isn’t easy to figure out which one could be the best choice for you. Here are some things to consider that will help you with this task before signing a deal with a company.

Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Paper Shredding Service

Compliance With Laws

You need to check their knowledge of the laws regarding discarding confidential documents. The employees must have the proper information to guide their clients. There are different types of documents that have to be discarded under different categories. Check the registration of the company with the authorities.

Security Of Documents

Before hiring a company, you must check how they ensure your documents are safe after taking them off your hands. Good companies always have tamper-proof systems to lock away confidential information. Also, there is a chain of custody in which the documents are taken from your doorstep to the actual shredding device. It also helps with finding the mole if there is a leak.

Watch As They Shred

A good paper shredding service allows customers to watch the shredding process on the monitors. This puts the clients at ease as they see the discarding by themselves. Always visit the company to check how the process of shredding works.

Evidence of Shredding

It is not enough to witness the shredding from your eyes. Some kinds of documents require legal proof that they are disposed of. So, ask the customer care agent about the certificates issued as proof and confirm with any legal authority if the certificate is acceptable.

Reviews and Endorsements

To differentiate and compare companies, you should do a little research about the reputation each company holds. There are online reviews to read; however, they can be fake sometimes, so do not rely on them.

Ask around in your circle if anyone could recommend a service or what kind of prior experience they have had. Also, check for how many years the shredding company has been in this business and what latest technology they have for efficient shredding.

Wrapping Up

There will be many paper shredding companies around you, but the best is the one that can do all of the above. Most importantly, look for a company that not only shreds the paper but also recycles it for other uses. Supporting and standing with such businesses is our duty toward the planet to build a sustainable lifestyle. We hope after reading this, the choice becomes easier for you.