5 Best Self-Destructing Android Apps

Data protection or data privacy is becoming a growing need of the hour. In this ultra-modern, digital age, we are no longer in complete control of our personal and sensitive information. Every single activity of ours that takes place on the digital medium can be monitored, shared, stored, and used against us. This threat has increased to such an extent that even our private chats on instant messaging and social media apps are no longer completely private.

While social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and Line offer their users a secure experience by encrypting the messages, our chats can still be read if someone gets hold of our smartphones and manages to unlock them. To save us from unnecessary intrusion and help protect our privacy, app developers have created some of the best self-destructing Android apps that automatically delete our chats and posts. These apps are becoming highly popular amongst the millennials who are using these apps to erase all traces of their communication over digital mediums.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best self-destructing Android apps of 2021.

1.   Snapchat

Snapchat was the first app that introduced the idea of self-destructing messages and posts. It is a social media app that allows users to chat with one another through messages and pictures. The short text messages and pics are automatically deleted when the receiver has read them. Similarly, all Snapchat stories are on an auto self-destruct mode and disappear after 24 hours.

Snapchat is most popular for its filters and is a widely used platform for image sharing. Users can share images and short clips with their audience, all with the confidence that everything will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

2.   Telegram

Telegram is another widely used instant messaging app that is popular amongst both Android as well as iPhone users. Telegram’s security features include; messages that self-destruct, encrypted chats, and not allowing users to take screenshots of chats. It is a very simple application to use and guarantees complete privacy. Unlike Snapchat, in Telegram, users can set a separate self-destruct time for each chat to ensure that important messages are not deleted without their consent.

3.   Wicker Me

Wicker Me is another one popular app for sending private messages. It is easily available on Google Play Store. Its wide range of security features includes; private group chats, private one-to-one chats, and end-to-end encryption. Like Telegram, Wicker Me allows its users to set a time for message destruction. No trace of your private chats will be left behind.

4. Confide

You can confide in Confide when it comes to sharing secrets over digital media. The app allows users to send and receive encrypted messages that self-destruct as soon as they are read. It also allows its users to protect their chats from being shared and circulated through its screenshot protection feature. Users can easily retract messages that have been sent, thereby giving the users complete autonomy during their online chatting experience.

5. Stealth Chat

Stealth Chat is a comparatively new app in the world of self-destructing messages apps for Android phones. Stealth Chat allows its users to exchange private messages and call friends and family. Like all other major self-destructing messages apps, in Stealth Chat too, the messages are automatically erased once the receiver has read them. Like all other stealth technologies, Stealth Chat allows you to perform your work silently and leave no trace behind.

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