From document shredding to hard drive destruction.

Document Shredding

Offering confidentiality and effective destruction.

All of our paper is recycled after document shredding is complete, to ensure your confidential information is completely destroyed and to help preserve the environment.

New Jersey Shredding knows all of the laws and can help you stay in compliance and keep you informed. We understand your security is important, so we do everything we can to give you peace of mind.

We offer shredding and disposal anywhere:

  • We can come to your location
  • We can take your materials to our location

Hard Drive Destruction

Onsite or Offsite 100% effective data destruction.

Many of the programs available for sanitizing a hard drive do not completely wipe the data from the drive. This is why we offer effective and complete hard drive destruction.

Rest assured that your important and confidential data will be eliminated for good. After every disposal service, we provide a certification of destruction for your records.

Electronics Recycling

Dispose of your electronics in a safe way.

Disposing of electronics, old or new, can be dangerous to the environment as well as the people and animals in the area.

Our Process:

We place the electronics into a shredder that is specially built to completely destroy hard drives. The shredded electronics then go to a refining company for further recovery.

There, separators remove aluminum from the shredded hard drive mix; copper comes out of the stream through the use of reverse polarity magnets, while traditional magnets pick out any steel left over.


X-Ray Destruction

We not only destroy x-ray materials, but we recycle.

As your one stop for secured document destruction, we can assist you with shredding and/or recycling x-ray films. When at all possible, film should not be disposed of into the waste stream as it contains silver which is a heavy metal and contaminates the environment.

We handle medical x-ray film, dental x-ray film, and veterinary x-ray film. We also guarantee HIPAA compliance and will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction when the job is done.

Medical Waste Disposal

We support keeping the environment clean and safe.

Our experienced technicians can provide medical waste disposal services in addition to your shredding needs. From cradle to grave Redbags provides electronic tracking forms to comply with the law.

We dispose of a wide variety or waste including biological products such as blood or tissue, used bedding, bandages, syringes, and similar materials that have been used in research. Medical waste disposal is regulated at the state and local levels.