We use only the safest disposal products in the industry.


64 Gallon Bin

Our bins are great for mail rooms, warehouses, or other areas where space is not a constraint. Each bin comes with a lock which New Jersey Shredding and you the customer have a key to.

Holds: 5-6 copy boxes or 3 transfile boxes
Approx. 200-250 lbs
Measures: 23.25”Wx29.5”Dx40.5”H

Executive Console

Our standard console size is 36" which work great for office environments. This is a piece of furniture which has a dead bolt lock and a side slot where you can put your material for shredding. Most customers prefer these consoles because the console has usable space on top. We have seen customers place fax machines, printers, and other items on top of the console.

  • Executive Console
    Holds:  Approx. 75-85 lbs
    Measures: 16”Wx21.5”Dx36”H


Our newest container that fits comfortably under a desk and locks for the secure protection of your confidential information.

  • 24” – 16 Gallon Bin
    Holds:  Approx. 50 lbs
    Measures:   11”Wx20”Dx24”H
  • 27” – 20 Gallon Bin
    Holds:  Approx. 55 lbs
    Measures:  11”Wx20”Dx27”H
  • 30” – 23 Gallon Bin
    Holds:  Approx. 60 lbs
    Measures: 11”Wx20”Dx30”H