Data Shredding – 5 Reasons It Is More Important Than You Think.

Dealing with sensitive information is, well, sensitive. You have to ensure that the data remains secure at all times.

Also, once you do not need that info anymore, you must have a a foolproof method of getting rid of it to prevent a data breach. Many organizations rely on software for this purpose, but no software is perfect and without limitations. This means that even though you might feel that you have deleted sensitive data, the reality is that it could still be accessible and you are vulnerable.

This is where data-shredding comes in. As the name suggests, data-shredding is a process by which all every bit of data is destroyed.

This article will discuss five reasons why data-shredding should be a top priority for any organization.

1) Helps you comply with the law

There are numerous federal, local, and state laws pertaining to consumer privacy. These laws require companies to protect the consumer and their sensitive information and get rid of the information once it is not required. Shredding data will help you comply with these laws and steer clear of penalties and negative publicity.

2) Saves storage space

Old and redundant documents can often consume a considerable amount of valuable storage space. Companies are often reluctant to get rid of such data simply because they are unsure about the best way to dispose of it. A professional data-shredding company can help you make room for new and more pertinent information.

3) Reduces risk of corporate espionage

Keeping sensitive data in the organization means opening yourself up to the threat of a data breach. Such critical data often ends up in the hands of lurking competitors, who might be too happy to simply use your valuable information to crush your business. Effective shredding of data helps prevent such events.

4) Data is entirely irrecoverable

It is often believed that erasing data off a hard drive or destroying the hard drive is sufficient. However, data thieves and criminals can easily recover data off discarded or damaged drives. Even wiping off the data does not guarantee its complete removal.

Only through professional data-shredding can companies rest assured that all sensitive information has been destroyed beyond recovery.

5) Makes you more trustworthy

Companies that deal with sensitive data in a responsible way are more likely to ignite confidence and trust within their clients. Knowing that their data is in safe hands, customers will be more willing to form long-term relationships with such companies. Therefore, data shredding can help you establish your image as a reliable and trustworthy organization.

Hire a professional data-shredding service

To conclude, shredding data is vital in order to minimize the threat of a breach. By destroying information, you make sure that it does not end up in the wrong hands.

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