GDPR 7 Compliance Checklist – 6 Things You Need to Do

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation passed by the European Union back on 23 May 2018 to better help protect the data and privacy of its citizens. The GDPR legislation also impacts many US businesses as the law is applicable to all enterprises, even those outside of Europe, which take personal information from individuals residing inside the European Economic Area.

If you have European customers, it is highly critical to ensure that your business is GDPR compliant. Non-compliance can incur some really crippling penalties, as recently, Google found out when they were fined an amount of $59 million. Take the help of our GDPR 7 compliance checklist to ensure that your business remains compliant.

1. Add Retention Schedules in Your Policies

Include in your company procedure and policies information on retention schedules for different data types as well as how they will be destroyed once the duration expires.

2. Educate Staff on GDPR Compliance

Ensuring compliance is everyone’s responsibility. From your C-level Executives to your most junior employees, it is important they are made fully aware of what GDPR is, what it entails, and why knowing it is important to their jobs.

3. Assign Someone to Oversee Data Protection

Assigning a person or a team to oversee data protection and that the correct procedures are being followed by the rest of the staff can greatly reduce the risk of compliance failure.

4. Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment

This will help you better identify vulnerabilities in the privacy protection framework within your organization.

5. Create a Data Breach Response Plan

GDPR requires you to report certain types of data breaches within 72 hours. Having a pre-made and clear-cut response plan can help you lessen the potential damage.

6.  Shred All Redundant Files and Storage

How you dispose of your old paper documents and storage drives also matters. Ensure that there is no risk of the data stored on them ever getting accessed by someone unauthorized. The recommended course of action is to have them shredded and sent over for recycling.

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