Hard Drive Shredding and Recycling in New Jersey

Have you decided to dispose of your hard drive? You must have erased all the data yourself or hired a professional to format the drive for you. However, if you toss your hard drive into the bin or even smash it into pieces, the data might still be retrieved, which can leak sensitive information if fallen into the wrong hands.

Even if you ensure that you’ve caused enough damage to the hard drive for it to function, the chances are that the chips are still intact and data can still recover. Therefore, businesses and professionals alike need to hire professional shredding services for hard drive shredding. New Jersey has a wide range of service providers who offer hard drive and other product destructions to ensure your data remains private.

Why Is Hard Drive Shredding Important for Businesses?

Hard drive shredding is important for your business because it:

Keeps Your Data Confidential

Every time you dispose of a hard drive without destroying it completely, you’re putting all of your business’s worth online to save a relatively lower amount. Hard drives store all of your data including, software caches and history, passwords, clients, financial, and other confidential information. If your data is stolen, your business’s reputation will be at risk and can lead to a significant loss. Proper hard drive destruction keeps the data secure by destroying the hard drive completely.

Ensures Privacy Laws are Followed

Hard drive shredding is important for your own safety. Similarly, there are government laws like HIPAA in place that requires businesses to comply with to keep their and their clients’ and employee data secure. It is vital that you comply with these laws to avoid potential lawsuits from your clients and employees. These federal laws require you to get your storage devices shredded properly, including:

  • Hard drives
  • USBs
  • CDs
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Mobile Phones and more

What Is the Process of Hard Drive Shredding?

Hard drive shredding is done by professionals that involve the use of heavy machinery. It is carried out in a safe environment that contaminates the harmful emissions released while shredding materials. The hard drive is shredded by running it through the shredder that entirely dismantles and shreds every part into tiny shards. This way, no platter or chip remains useable, denying the chance of recovering data by any means.

Recycling Hard Drive Waste

A product shredding service ensures that the shreds that remain from your hard drive are sorted for recycling. While aluminum is the most common material collected from hard drive shredded waste, small amounts of metal, copper, lead, and zinc are also found.

The recycling services are a good way to recycle your hard drives, but some of them sell your devices for money or dump them on unmonitored sites, exposing the threat of stolen data. Therefore, it is vital to get your drives shredded by professional shredding services. It ensures the privacy of your sensitive data; the environment is also kept safe with nearly 100% synthetic recycling of the shredded material.