Here’s Why You Should Shred Your Old iPhone

So, you recently brought a shiny new iPhone, but what to do with your older set, with its cracked screen and sluggish software? As you will get to learn in this article, simply throwing it away in the trash isn’t a recommended option. Here are the reasons why you should make use of an iPhone shredding service instead.

Keeps Your Data Safe

If you have confidential data stored within your iPhone’s internal storage, you could be putting your privacy at risk by simply throwing it away in the trash since data could be potentially broken into by criminals and utilized to engage in identity theft and financial fraud.

Even if you format the storage, the existing data could still be left intact, instead merely rendered unreadable by the phone’s software. This means a particularly determined (and tech-savvy) criminal can still tap into it to access your confidential information.

Eradicating your data permanently can be notoriously difficult on a flash storage drive such as the one on an iPhone. The only sure-fire way is to have it shredded completely.

More Environmentally-Friendly

iPhone and other advanced electronics are not meant for the landfill. Electronic waste can be extremely hazardous to the environment; not only does it not degrade easily but also release toxic chemicals to the surroundings, potentially endangering both wildlife and us.

Choosing to destroy your old iPhone via a professional shredding service is a much more environmentally sound option, with some or all of its destroyed bits going towards recycling.   

Essential If You Are a Business

As a business entity, you are legally enjoined to take all the necessary measures to protect the data of your customers against any unauthorized access. Likely, there would be some data stored on your iPhone or that of an employee that relates to a customer’s confidential information.

If criminals get access to it due to your negligence or it is found that you have not been following the minimum standard set in regulations in regards to your customer’s privacy, expect yourself to be in a world of hurt. Legal penalties can range from a few hundred dollars in fine to the years of jail and the permanent closure of your business.  

Why take such a huge potential risk? Opt to always hire a professional shredding service to properly dispose of your old iPhones and other digital devices.

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