How to Properly Dispose of Your Old iPhone

With a new iPhone (multiple of them now) launching every year, these phones have been a center of attraction ever since their advent. While these phones are relatively expensive, everyone hopes to get their hands on the newly-launched model.

The question is, what to do with the old one?

Recycle and dispose of it.


Let’s dive into it.

Erase the Data

Before you plan to recycle your old iPhone, you should erase your data from the phone and store it for later use (if you want to keep it, that is). Sync your phone with iCloud and prepare a backup that can be used in the new phone. Once all your data is stored, sign out from your iPhone, iCloud, App Store, and iTunes. You can safely erase your data by tapping on the settings > general > reset> erase all content and settings. You might have to enter your password before tapping on Erase iPhone.

Recycle Your iPhone

Disposing of your iPhone does not mean tossing it in the trash or dumping it in a drawer for years to come; you have to recycle it properly. Since these phones consist of glass, plastic, and electronic components along with a built-in battery, they need to be disposed of properly and separately from regular waste. You have multiple options to do so:

· Apple Stores

Apple has started a recycling program where you can return your unused phone and get it recycled free of cost. This is to ensure that your phone is safely disposed of without consciously harming the environment. You can check the availability process by checking Apple’s official website, or you can deposit your old model at any of their retail stores.  

· Local Municipality

Most often than not, the local municipality has a recycling program for unused electronic items. It might provide these services on its own or joined forces with a third party (any company from the shredding industry) to dispose of the old phones and other electronic items. Check their official website to know the complete process and how you can give in your phones for recycling.

· iPhone Carriers

Most iPhone carriers have a recycling program reserved exclusively for unwanted or unused cell phones. Approach your iPhone carrier and inquire if they provide such services. If they do, deposit your old iPhone and all the accessories to begin the process.

Final Word

New Jersey Shredding is ready to assist you if you have an unused old iPhone and don’t know what to do about it. You can easily approach them along with your phone; they will take care of the rest.