5 Hard Drive Destruction Methods That Work

We have been using computers to store our important and confidential data for as long as we can remember. Over the years, one issue that we have consistently faced is not knowing what to do with our data once we are done with it.

Thanks to contemporary data destruction techniques, we can destroy confidential data and information stored in our computer hard drives. This also allows businesses to protect confidential customer information and comply with the government’s laws.

To completely destroy data from the hard drive, below are some fantastic methods you can consider.

5 Best Hard Drive Destruction Methods

Here are the five best hard drive destruction methods:

1. Degaussing

Degaussing is one of the most effective methods of hard drive destruction. This is done using a powerful device called a degausser. In this method, the degausser scrambles the hard drive platter using a strong magnetic force to make the hard drive’s data unreadable.

However, using a degausser is not a piece of cake. You will need an expert to perform this method correctly. In addition, degaussing is an expensive hard drive destruction method suitable for businesses that regularly destroy hard drives.

2. Wiping

Wiping is another handy method of removing data permanently from the hard drive, especially when you don’t want to destroy it completely. However,  you need to wipe the hard drive completely, or some data might remain in the drive.

You must overwrite the data more than once to remove it altogether. The best way to wipe a hard drive is to let a professional do it, particularly if you intend to refurbish and resell the hard drives.

3. Melting

This technique involves dipping the hard drive into acid to destroy its housing and platter. Besides being one of the most effective ways, melting is also one of the dangerous techniques to destroy hard drives. This is because melting uses nitric and hydrochloric acids.

Both these acids are dangerous for humans as well as the environment. You will have to handle these acids properly using appropriate gear to avoid any harmful situations.

4. Shredding

Shredding is another proven method for hard drive destruction. This method involves a shredder that cuts the hard drive into small pieces to make its data inaccessible and unreadable. Some shredders also compress the shredded pieces into more compact forms, making them easy to dispose of.

It’s better to hire a professional shredding company that can perform this task properly using appropriate tools.

5. Disintegration

This method uses a disintegrator to destroy a hard drive. Disintegrators are designed to cut hard drives into pieces using knife milling technology. They do this cutting process until the hard drive pieces are small enough to pass through their screen.

Compared to the shredding method, disintegration is pretty slow. However, it’s safer and produces more refined residue. This makes it one of the most effective destruction methods since even a tiny piece of hard drive can contain data.

Final Words

Hard drive destruction is crucial to prevent data from getting into the wrong hands. There are several hard drive destruction methods available. However, not all of them work effectively and can leave you at risk of leaking important information. Consider these tried and tested methods to avoid data breaches.