Four Ways to Eliminate Electronic Junk

It is not easy to manufacture any electronic device; many rare materials and technology are utilized to ensure it works. However, with so many different versions for each type of smart device invented in a short span, the old ones are easily forgotten by companies and consumers. This rapid change of trends leads to producing electronic waste, better known as E-waste.

What is Electronic Junk?

Electronic junk includes computers, old phones, CPUs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, Ipods, and any accessories that support these devices but remain unused. The U.S. is one of the largest producers of electronic waste, so raising awareness about reducing electronic junk is essential.

Ways to Eliminate Electronic Junk

Below is the list of solutions that can reduce electronic waste.

Recycling E-Waste

The best possible way to reduce electronic junk is to recycle the electronics that are too old to be used by you or anyone. The electronics contain metals that could be rare and toxic, too. So throwing them in a landfill site can lead to soil damage because lead and mercury can spread into the soil from the devices.

Using e-recycling companies can solve the problem; you just have to choose the proper recycling facility that takes the electronic junk.

Selling or Donating Electronic Devices

Suppose your electronics are in working condition but just outdated. In that case, giving them away or selling them to someone who could use it is a responsible way to repurpose those electronics. However, before giving any of your devices, check if any personal information is left on them.

The best way to do this is to wipe off the data by hitting the factory reset button or downloading cleaning software. You could always overwrite the data using a different binary code so that the traces of personal or confidential data are clean.

You could always return the device to its company; most tech companies take back their devices to recycle them.


The next technique is melting devices to erase them. A concentrated hydrochloric and nitric acid mixture is a highly corrosive substance that can melt almost all metals. The devices are completely destroyed, but you must be careful about handling substances like these. One wrong slip can eat away at your skin and can be cancerous. However, every bit of the circuit board in it is disposed of.

Electronic Shredding

The last efficient way of reducing electronic junk is to shred it into million pieces; neither will the device exist nor will the data on it. The more accessible and practical solution to eliminating electronic junk is to put it in a shredder to dispose of the plastic, glass, and metal into millions of pieces.

In this way, there will be no evidence of any electronics. It is a safer option because all you have to do is contact a shredding company and ask for an appointment to take the electronics to them, or you could always avail of the doorstep service these companies offer and get rid of the electronic junk at your door.